Are you an African talent from Diaspora who wants to work for the continent?

Are you looking for an opportunity to put your expertise at the service of a leading continental organisation?

The African Union offers you positions that allow you to express your skills while developing your diplomatic abilities, in a multicultural environment where nationals of the 55 Member States work for the Africa we want and share the same values.

(Respect for diversity and teamwork, Putting Africa first, Transparency and accountability, Integrity and impartiality, Efficiency and professionalism, Information and knowledge sharing).

The African Union offers competitive salaries, numerous privileges and benefits as well as career plans including mobility within AU entities.

Africa needs you, Africa wants you!

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  • The Africa Union will be present at the Africa Business forum 2023 at Espace Jean Monnet - Rungis in France on 28 & 29 October 2023. Come to see us and visit our booth to learn more about your future with AU

We have a range of exciting opportunities that we shall be offering and showcasing from 19 to 21 December 2023 in Paris. If you wish to participate in our upcoming career events, kindly sign up here.

Programme of the African Union Diaspora Career Fair from December 19th to 21st, 2023, in Paris

The African Union's work focus on addressing critical issues related to the following key thematic areas

  • Agriculture Rural Development, Blue Economy and Sustainable Environment
  • Economic Development Trade Tourism Industry and Minerals
  • Education, Science Technology & Innovation
  • Health Humanitarian Affairs & Social Development 
  • Infrastructure and Energy 
  • Political Affairs, Peace and Security 

To address the above critical issues, the African Union needs skills and expertise in the following fields : 

  • Policy Research Development 
  • Project and program management 
  • Partnership and Resources Mobilisation
  • Agriculture and rural development
  • Blue economy and sustainable development 
  • Public Health
  • Socio economic development 
  • Knowledge management 
  • Human Capital and Innovation
  • Youth Development and Engagement
  • Culture promotion, Tourism and Engagement of the Diaspora
  • Science technology and innovation 
  • Economic integration and development
  • Entrepreneurship & Investment
  • Trade, SME, value chain development and implementation 
  • Information and Communication Technology 
  • Energy, renewable energy, oil and gas
  • Infrastructure development
  • Conflict prevention and resolution
  • Cybercrime, Counterterrorism and counter money laundering 
  • Remittance management
  • Political Sciences, International Relations
  • Governance, human rights and or diplomacy 

Also, we are grateful for other skills in general management and administration. 

  • Human Resources Management
  • Supply chain 
  • Translation and Interpretation 
  • Finance

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