Under the Human Resource Management Directorate (HRMD) the Recruitment Unit mandate is to identify and recruit African talent from the continent and from the diaspora in order to accompany the strategy of the Africa Union Commission (AUC) through positions advertisement, selection and onboarding as per the African Union Staff Rules and Regulations, policies and procedures.

A) The Mission:

Recruitment Unit mission is to source the best African talents for the sustainable development and integration of the continent in order to achieve Agenda 2063 and beyond.

B) The Vision:

Recruitment Unit vision is to become a continental reference for reliable African talent acquisition by 2030 towards the Africa we want.

C) The Values:

Recruitment Unit Values are as follows:

  • Professionalism: With our highest skills knowledge and compliance, we treat our stakeholders with respect, civility and fairness while meeting their expectations;
  • Customer Focus: Our customers are at the heart of everything we do; satisfying them is a MUST;
  • Team Work: We work and collaborate with passion, energy, enthusiasm and honoring our shared values and diversity. WEARE ONE TEAM WITH ONE VISION AND ONE MISSION;
  • Integrity: We are committed to demonstrate strong moral principles, honesty and respect of organizational rules;
  • Accountability We are result-oriented and fully accountable of success;
  • Transparency: We ensure clear internal and external communication in order to be aligned with our organizational strategy;
  • Role Model: We stand out in the global arena as a reference for reliable talent acquisition.

D) Recruitment purpose

The main purpose of the recruitment and selection is to appoint a person who best meets the requirements of the vacant job within the Organization. The reasons to recruit within the Commission are as follows:

  • Retirement;
  • Resignation;
  • Transfer;
  • Death;

Positions created based on specific projects ((Short term, Fixed term, Special Service contracts, relief staff etc.);

  • Vacant positions in the African Union
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